Founded in 2006, KRAB CHEMICAL S.L. is the result of over 30 years of partnership experience in the leather sector, these partnerships, based on trust and mutual benefit, require KRAB CHEMICAL S.L. to maintain client proximity, adapt to the needs of their clients through research and development, and provide excellent customer service. KRAB CHEMICAL, S.L. has a base in Igualada, a main area of leather development in Catalonia, Spain.  It is in Igualada that KRAB CHEMICAL, S.L. distributes its commercial production and chemical products to its clients.  Due to its proximity to Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast, KRAB CHEMICAL, S.L. has obtained significant international expansion after having acquired a major presence at the Spanish national level. Production for KRAB CHEMICAL, S.L. occurs mainly in Italy and Spain through collaboration with high end suppliers.  The wide range of products produced is ideal to satisfy the extensive needs of our clientele.  Our production meets the needs current markets require in regards to development and innovation of our products and abides to European rules and regulations, including strict quality standards and environmental protection. “In these partnerships, our company stands out for its loyalty to its client-base.”

Joaquin J. Gimeno Toribio